We are delighted to be supporting Remember a Charity in your will Week, 7th - 13th September 2020

This #RememberACharityWeek please consider talking to us about leaving a gift in your Will to charity – even a small amount can make a huge difference.

What are some common misconceptions about legacies?

Remember A Charity Week 2020 is focused on increasing understanding of gifts in Wills, specifically challenging the following common myths:



My family will go without

Always look after your loved ones first, and then leave anything left to a cause you care about

Leaving money to charity involves entire estates / needs to be a large amount

Even a small amount or % of an estate can help make a huge difference

Leaving to charity is for people who didn’t have anyone else to leave it to

Gifts in Wills are relevant to everyone – it’s about leaving something to help generations to come

Writing a will/ including a charity in your Will is an expensive and complicated process

Writing a Will is really straightforward and not very expensive. It costs in the region of £150, you can get it done in an hour, and it could be the most important document you’ll ever have.

Leaving money to charity is something you agree at the end of your life

Gifts in Wills can be arranged any time you write or update your Will

We’re inviting the public to pass on something wonderful by remembering a charity in their Will.

If you weren’t aware before then hopefully you now realise this is an option for you, after looking after family and friends, you can help them to continue supporting the causes they care about.

Even a small amount can make a huge difference.

Please contact us if you would like to either amend your current will or make a new one to help support a charity of your choice.

Ann-Marie 07876 526799 or annmarie@stanfordwills.com