We believe our customers should only pay for the services they actually need. Therefore our pricing is modular. Starting with the basic Will and adding on any Trusts if necessary.

All prices are subject to VAT.


  • Single Will £149
  • Mirror Will £225

    i.e. two Wills - one for each partner

  • Will Storage £90


  • Codicil/Amendment (Single) £49

    Existing clients only

  • Codicil/Amendment (Mirror) £99

    Existing clients only

Will based trusts

  • Children's Trust £99
  • Lifetime Interest Trust £299

    Incl. Registration with HM Land Registry

  • Flexible Lifetime Interest Trust £299

    Incl. Registration with HM Land Registry

  • NRB £150

    Excl. SEV

  • Discretionary Trust of Residue £150

    Excl. SEV

  • Business Trust £299
  • Vulnerable/Disabled Persons Trust £150

~Terms and conditions apply

Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA)

  • Individual LPA for Property & Financial* £199

    i.e. one LPA

  • Individual LPA for Health & Welfare* £199

    i.e. one LPA

  • LPA for Property & Financial AND Health & Welfare* £299

    i.e. two LPAs for the same person

  • Joint LPA for Property & Financial AND Health & Welfare* £499

    i.e. four LPAs for a couple

*Note: Prices exclude cost to register LPAs with the Office of the Public Guardian, currently £82 per LPA

General Power of Attorney (GPA)

  • Individual GPA £100
  • Joint GPA £150

    For a couple

Property Transactions

  • Severance £100


  • Severance £150


  • Declaration of Trust £POA
  • Property Transfer £POA

    Excl. HMLR fees

  • First registration with HMLR £POA
  • Conveyancing £POA

    Sale or purchase

Inter Vivos Trusts

  • Property Protection Trust From £1,500

    Plus HMLR fees

  • DIS By-pass Trust £POA


  • Full Estate Admin 1-2% of gross estate

    + disbursements

  • Grant only (non IHT) £799

    + disbursements

  • Grant only (IHT) £1,999

    + disbursements

  • Grant only + Assent into LIT Grant only price + £500
  • Contentious Probate £POA
  • Deed of Variation £POA

Funeral Plans

  • Whole of market offering Prices as per provider brochures

Other Legal Services

  • Full range of other services available £POA

    Please call us to discuss your requirements.

People often ask “How much does Estate Planning cost?” But the costs and delays of not planning can be far greater to any beneficiaries.

Luckily, our pricing allows you to only pay for what you need—no unnecessary extras or hidden costs.

For further information on our pricing or services, please call us on 01903 340186 or email info@stanfordlegal.co.uk